DEC ICT System Maintenance

The OLS and OTEN internet sites may operate at reduced capacity or be unavailable.

TAFE NSW does upgrades and system maintenance and while we get notifications of these, the weekend is often the time they choose, due to less traffic. However, Saturday or Sunday may be when you like to work or when you’ve organised someone to look after the kids to give you some quiet time to study….potentially frustrating!

By a little bit of planning we can overcome these potential frustrations, so here are some suggestions…

  1. Download as much information/assessment as you can onto your computer a few days before any scheduled system maintenance. (It’s probably a good idea to do this anyway.)
  2. Make sure you have work to go on with so you’re prepared and you’re not relying on uninterrupted access to online course material.
  3. No system is perfect – there could be a TAFE issue, or at your end you may have troubles getting or staying on the web – maybe your wireless internet connection has a tendency to drop out, or other reasons beyond our control.
  4. Don’t try to submit any online assessments on those days, submit work after the OLS is up and running.

Thank you for your patience during this upgrade.